Josh Braunstein (JUICEBOX)

Dust Collectors Records, a music label based out of Boston, released a fresh album from a New York producer named Josh Braunstein (a.k.a. JUICEB☮X). The album is titled ‘Circadian Rhythm’ which showcases a good mix of lofi hip-hop beats, jazzy harmonies, beautiful synths, original samples and acoustic melodies. The album’s artwork is done by Dustin Capek.

Josh has been producing since 2008; starting his career using GarageBand then making the switch to Ableton in 2014. One of Josh’s a.k.a.’s is Ellen Degenreless because he doesn’t want to be stuck within a “box” when it comes to describing his sound. ‘Circadian Rhythm’ creates a soundscape containing a range of sounds and feelings that inspire him as listener, according to Josh.

In an exclusive SWS interview JUICEB☮X explained,

There are a couple of original samples throughout the record that come from my phone. At the end of “Floating Clocks” I sampled the last conference call I had at my 9-5 of 5 years. You can hear my boss congratulating me and joking: “went from a pizza delivery boy to top 5 producer in the company”. At the end he asks: “Any last words, Josh?” and it transitions right into “Do You Understand?!” . This was my way of signifying a big transition in my life; going from working a 9-5 at a commercial real estate company in NY for 5 years to moving across the country to LA to fully pursue music.” 

Free stream ‘Circadian Rhythm’ below:


Artwork by Dustin Capek


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