JKuch unveils Vale, showcasing a hopeful, vulnerable, and sometimes bubbly new track off upcoming album Specter’s Garden

   JKuch is an inspiring character in such a saturated landscape for electronica. He’s among a few other artists that have evolved their instrumental electronica stylings to a more intimate singer/songwriter tune (Chuck Sutton and verzache come to mind), who’s evolution of sound for lack of a better phrase, really gives a voice to the emotional soundscapes he’s been cultivating on the internet for years. JKuch‘s approach on Specter’s Garden is one of intent. He’s got a vision, and is teasing it piece by piece until we’re presented with the whole. The whole multimedia journey of Specter’s Garden will come to a close in May 2022, and so far we’ve been given nothing but great, thoroughly realized tracks. Check out the fantastic coverage of JKuch‘s Little Bamboo ft. QUO by Dan (GLAZED) here, and check out the latest track Vale right now down below.

‘Vale’ is a fast-paced bittersweet song about leaving home to move onto a better future alone. The lyrics are about my personal experiences of having to leave all of my friends and family over multiple times for unfortunate reasons. ‘Vale’ lays out the emotions of being unsure of the future but taking it head on alone.

   What starts as a punchy assortment of blips, bells, and synth stabs expands into a indie-dance, coming of age anthem. Vale is a gorgeous track, with patches of quaint coziness, to adventurous overdrive guitar-driven bliss. JKuch conveys an unknowable nostalgia with his exquisite palette of sounds while describing the excitement and anxiety of an unknowable future. His evocative manipulation of synth stabs, bouncing bass plucks, and chugging guitar chords all blend over an evolving melody, giving sections of subdued, sparse twinkling guitar rhythms, followed by explosive layers of vocal flourishes that are goosebumps-inducing. It feels cozy and icy all at once, with production details that reflect the emotional core of the song.

   JKuch isn’t just saying how he feels, he’s breathing it into every note played, every layer carefully placed, every subtle effect added to the mix, and it’s clear that JKuch‘s literal and metaphorical voice is the genuine article. Be sure to click the links down below to keep up with the ever-evolving Specter’s Garden, and to be there when the next part of the puzzle drops.

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