Reaching towards the sky with JKuch’s latest release, “Little Bamboo” featuring QUO

What’s on the surface
of this exciting experimental pop track?

The most deliciously pristine production to drop jaws and ease souls!
Once you crank up the volume, you’ll find perfectly arranged percussion sitting in the lap of classic JKuch sound design™.
Expect to be inspired by the organic synths and how they shine with his use of various instruments that are dialed in wonderfully.
Craving even more?
Get ready to encounter stellar vocal performances to keep you locked in
thanks to JKuch and QUO.

My brain has officially been commandeered by the all-mighty-earworm.
Join me as we embark for the weekend, holding Little Bamboo on repeat!

Diving deeper

The lyrics of Little Bamboo are about flourishing beyond what holds us in place.
Negative self-talk, Comparing ourselves to others, or getting caught up in the anxieties of life.

While this song carries themes of feeling small in comparison to others –
always remember: much like growing bamboo,
you are continuously excelling towards your inevitable destiny;
to tower over the forest floor, stretching righteously towards the sky.

Your ears may be satisfied, but what about your eyes?

JKuch continues to develop a new direction for his unique visual style-
made evident by the accompanying music video for Little Bamboo!
Thanks to over three weeks of diligent work, JKuch has delivered his first stop motion film.
Strengthening this new direction, the video captures a journey into an unfamiliar place full of possibility.
With solid animation and directing, I guarantee you will be stoked through the whole film.

The soundcloud link is below but we encourage you to also listen through on Spotify!


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