Subsidia showed up outta nowhere about a week ago, dropping over 50 tracks from rising bass-electronica artists. The Excision-pioneered record label’s pushed so many names into the limelight, and we were ecstatic to see JKuch among that push.

This JKuch feature track, I Can’t Let You Go (released on the DAWN comp, 9/28), is a standout. The hard hitting, synth-ripping harmonies show JKuch‘s insane versatility. He cooks up an anthemic dubstep adventure-themed track that molds and evolves from heady blissful bass into stages of fist-raised triumph. Digitized vocals howl, “I Can’t Let You Go“, as the morphing bass and soft leads go berserk; The layers of sound enter a chiptune blitz, the drums charge harder, and the track reaches monumental heights.

There’s still so much of the new Subsidia project to comb through, but we wanted to highlight a friend of the Surfers here in case you missed this huge news! It’s pretty dope that Excision used their huge platform to put the spotlight on so many awesome artists, so we suggest you head over to Subsidia and take a listen.

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