Jives’ has just released the 3rd and final track off their latest EP.

Jives’ is a Melbourne based artist known for their insatiable grooves and head turning production.

With a reputation to get the party started, they have kept things cooking with their newest release on More Creativity Records, entitled,  My Baby.  From the second you press play, the lush soundscapes painted by Jives encapsulate only the freshest of vibes.  Sooner than you can say “Hot dang”,     the groove takes off!    Once floating in the dance-o-sphere you will be hard pressed to fight the urge to dance into a sunset.

The team at Sine Wave Surfers will undoubtedly keep an eye on Jives as he continues to make ripples in the global music scene.

Check out our conversation with Jive’s below!

Q: How long have you been creating music?
A: I’ve been producing music for around 9 years on and off.
Q: What digital audio work station do you typically work in?
A: I have been working in Ableton for about 6 years now.
Q: How would you describe your sound?
A: I guess I would describe the sound of my music as happy, glitchy and bassy dance music!
Q: Do you have any new projects after this release?
A: Currently there are no formal projects in the works, but I’m sitting on a few songs that I’ll eventually finish and put out!
Q: Walk us through the creative process of your latest track, My Baby.
A: My Baby is the third and last track on the EP. I started with the main vocal sample and wanted to keep it a bit more chill and uplifting. As the final track on the EP, I was hoping it could balance out the intensity of the first two tracks and end the whole project on a more positive note

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