New heat from Cali based artist, Jesse Perez with him and Juzzin’s fire track, “Always Down.” ~~

How long have you been producing music? Choice of DAW? 

I’ve been producing/ pursuing a career as an artist for about 4 years, and engineering for 2. I graduated from (LA FILM, in Hollywood) about 2 years ago and I’m about to graduate from MI (Musicians Institute, in Hollywood) for Audio Engineering. I currently work at GOOD Music in North Hollywood (LA) & Killer Instincts Studios in Burbank (LA).

How would you describe your sound to someone who has never heard your music? 

I try to bring a new kind of energy for every track I drop. I don’t drop a lot of my music because I want it to be perfect for anybody curious enough to listen so when I do, I deliver an energy that you won’t be able to find in any other artist. “

Talk us through the process, what was the message/feel/emotions you wanted to come across to listeners when you were in the process of producing this banger? 

“I just want every listener to be ready to listen with open ears and a clear head because It was honestly a really crazy ride. I had the chance to make this beautiful song in Paris, France during a 5 day trip dedicated to a music video that Novy and I we’re already doing together. Luckily, Novy and his team we’re able to find a studio fast enough for us to get something poppin’ in the short amount of time we had.”

Do you have any upcoming projects? 

“Yes, I’m currently working on my debut album, hopefully dropping by next year and maybe an EP towards the end of summer.”

 Is there anything else you want to include or tell us about?

Although this song was made to best represent what “Iyo” represents, I had an amazing production team behind my back. Shoutout to my boy “Juzzin” aka @sossboi, the team leader for this track and fellow engineer Kingto Winwar (@kingto_winwar) for working with us and the team as well. Without them and the rest of the team, this wouldn’t have been possible.”

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