Inkap premieres a timeless cosmic bass track, legitimate salvage, with the Sine Wave Surfers

   Inkap‘s back. After a huge live set on SWS Couch Surfer Fest 2, he’s teamed up with us again for a brand new release, and we couldn’t be happier to hear more of that signature warping space-bass synth mastery we’ve been wowed by time n’ time again. Inkap‘s constantly evolving, showcasing his musical versatility from an insane portfolio, from River Raft with Maybe//Anton, to this latest track that you can hear now down below!

   legitimate salvage is some true cosmos sized future bass, from it’s ethereal atmosphere, to it’s laser-light synth melodies. It’s a blitz of zippy synth runs laid out over a punchy bumpin’ drumbeat, never faltering in it’s rollercoaster-levels of energy. It’s glistens and glitters in moments of respite and hurtles itself into a synth storm when you least expect it. Show some love to Inkap and be sure to keep up with what they create next in the links down below!

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