Packing dark, ethereal drum&bass vibes, In: Exhale paired up with fellow UK producers, Vacant and Myst for the newly dropped single titled, “Impulse.” This track features a plethora of dark, atmospheric sound textures, along with hypnotizing Asian instruments and haunting vocals. In: Exhale commented in the SWS exclusive interview, “This is a track which we made last year after a series of sessions. It came together very impulsively. I think the three of us wanted to push the boundaries of what we do, on composition and sound design. As well as just have fun making tracks. Without intent, we quickly realized that the three of us share a similar sonic palette, and get along really well. This track is one of the results of our sessions. More will be on the way.” Inhale Exhale is best known for his abstract, sensual sound and impeccable sound design. His tracks seem like something straight out of cutting-edge Sci-Fi cinematic play. In: Exhale’s choice of DAW reflects his well-crafted work. He uses Ableton for composition, FL studio for drum sequencing + synthesis, and Reaktor + Max MSP for synthesis, generative composition & development. Fans can look forward to a debut audio-visual ep from  In: Exhale’s, where the project will be focusing on generative audio-visual composition. As explained further by the producer, “The general themes/concepts that I tend to work with involve Zen + Taoist philosophy & principles. Transhumanism + futurist concepts & aesthetics.”

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