Ilysian is next up on the Growth Comp with a future beat vibe, Subspace Bubble

   We’re glad to welcome a new name to the Sine Wave Surfer premiere gang, and the latest to drop a track on the upcoming Growth Compilation, Ilysian. The comp is coming together with a killer crew of future beat and electronica artists, featuring Himmel [Brawl], Kayoti [Aurora]Pirlew [Exsanguination]Mythic Creature [Kobra], and a collab between Dear Elvira & electrobro [maximum]. Check out Subspace Bubble by Ilysian right now down below!

   If you’re lookin’ for a sample heavy, mellow-riding vibe, Ilysian‘s got ya covered. With rhythmic clicks and clacks, soothing wubs and pops, glittered with laser-light swells n’ synth stabs, Subspace Bubble is a vibe, and cruises into the Growth Comp seamlessly. Ilysian‘s out here making waves, and we can’t wait to hear what they cook up next. Be sure to check out their socials down below and keep up with the Growth Comp when it drops!

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