Hupsu‘s up next on Growth Comp. I with Batafurai, a wild swaying wave-bass jam

   We’re back again with a brand new Sine Wave premiere from Hupsu (who you may know from their SWS debut last year on the hyper-jazz hybrid track Usvametsä). They join the expansive roster of Growth Comp. I artists, one of our biggest collective projects yet, including tracks from susperil, ThatOnePhoenix, Ilysian, Himmel, Kayoti, Pirlew, Mythic Creature, and a collab from Dear Elvira & electrobro. It’s a humbling list of incredible talent, and while we’re closing in on some of the final tracks, we’re so proud of what folks like Hupsu have helped us accomplish. Check out his latest track right now down below!

   Batafurai is an absolutely massive hyper-synth soundscape, and who would’ve expected anything less with Hupsu at the reigns. This type of synth-maximalism is the Hupsu signature, a simultaneous head-banger and steadfast meditative jam. The rolling melodies flow like a bungee jump, with rapid descents and bouncy synth swells interweaving into a controlled-chaos future bass burst. There’s moments to catch your breath with an expansive grand piano stretch right before another dive into the resounding brilliance of more wave-bass bliss. Go show Hupsu some love in the links down below, and be sure to click our newsletter link to be the first to hear what’s next on the Growth Comp!

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