Sine Wave Surfer’s very own Amir Shami, better known as Himmel, is steadily making his own waves in the uprising ‘future beats’ scene. Amir has consistently been putting out hits for the past two years, and began his journey as a producer, 6 years ago. His songs are coated in well-crafted mashups of various textures, and orchestrated beats. Himmel’s sound is integrated with elements of trap, R&B, funk, and glitch-hop. Amir’s music certainly has an underground London, ‘TrapWonk’ feel, emulating such artists as Troyboi and WIZE. ‘Freedom’ is a high energy, feel good track with multiple drops to keep you on your toes. Fittingly titled, Himmel commented that, I wrote this song right after I quit my job which is why its called Freedom. I think it reflects my joy in that moment to finally be out of such a toxic place.” The future is surely looking bright for Himmel, and his evolving music base.

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