Himmel joins the Growth Comp. I roster with a wavy future-beat jam, Brawl

   Himmel‘s back; the longtime Sine Wave Surfer is another artist to join the Growth Comp squad. He joins a growing list of contributing artists, featuring Kayoti [Aurora], Pirlew [Exsanguination], Mythic Creature [Kobra], and a collab between Dear Elvira & electrobro [maximum]. You can catch Himmel‘s brand new track, Brawl, over on the Sine Wave Surfers page and down below right now!

   Himmel‘s always had a knack for creative synth layering, intercalating long sustains with melodic stabs and concussive blasts, and they’re front-and-center in Brawl. The portamento slides, the blitz of keys and chords, the blend of bright and grainy textures all come together in a quilt of punchy percussion and shining synth silk. Be sure to see what Himmel does next by following the links down below, and catch all the other Growth Comp. I contributors by keeping up with SWS!

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