Electrobro breathes new life into a Haywyre classic on this latest edit of I Am You

   The man himself, the electronic brother, Electrobro, is back with a banger. He’s been working tirelessly, keepin’ the ol’ SWS squad active with constant care to our Blacksburg local Wave Nite‘s, to collaborating with DJDAO on STRICTLYBALLEIN virtual showcases, and has even released new music like nautilus phonk within the past month. Ebro‘s back with a fresh edit on a classic track from maximalist electronic artist, Haywyre. You can check the edit out right now down below!

   Haywyre‘s known primarily for his keyboard prowess and bright, glitzy approach to synthesis, creating a building and ambling soundscape alongside his iconic flair for arpeggios and melodic riffs. Electrobro takes that buildup, glitz, and glow, and pumps it up to 200%, blasting the tempo and power of the original track out of orbit. The highs are taken higher, the clean tones of the original are masterfully bumped up a notch with a grizzly, tasteful distortion that adds an element of radiant energy to I Am You that I didn’t know I needed so much for this track. The added elements of DnB speed, the blossoming futurebass synthwork, and laser-precise sample cuts all layer into an edit that couldn’t come from anyone but Electrobro, and it deserves a listen. Be sure to follow and hit the links down below to catch what that dude Ebro cooks up next!

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