grape milk – block

Fresh tune from SWS fam, Grape Milk (@elidrinksgrapemilk)

Eli Warren, a.k.a grape milk, is a young up and coming producer who has been featured in our latest SWS release with his fresh track, “Block.”

“Block” takes the listener on a wavebass journey starting with a steady build leading to drips of boosted bass enhanced with atmospheric chord progressions. Layers of laser-like synths paired with bouncy waves fused with slight trap percussion make this tune a smooth yet heavy hit.

Here is the brief interview we had with Eli:

How long have you been producing music? Choice of DAW?

“Producer for 5 years, started with Garageband as a young guy. Switched to Bitwig Studio 2 years ago.

How would you describe your sound to someone who has never heard your music?

I’d say my music is very unpredictable in terms of genre, but predictable in style. Nobody could ever listen to one of my songs and actually know what the rest sounds like. I practically make every backdoor electronic genre I can think of. That being said, I would tell every new listener of mine to treat my musical experience like you would observe the results of a gone-wrong experiment, because my music is just that: Experiment after experiment.”

Talk us through the process, what was the message/feel/emotions you wanted to come across to listeners when you were in the process of producing this banger?

“When I produced ‘Block’, I knew immediately I had to do three drops. There’s something emotionally attaching about that third chorus. It makes you feel like you’ve been apart of the experience for twice as long as you have. When I produce, I’m always looking for illusions I can synthesize in the track. Using context of the other sounds, I can create my own window of time, space and feeling based on timing, chord structure, song structure, sound design and all these other factors. For this song in particular, I was inspired halfway through to create a mental journey, having the listener wake up in a spaceship, ride through a wormhole into an unknown universe. I use the shifting moods in the track to dictate your feelings and imagination as you listen. This is one of my favorite ways to produce music. Every time, I get to take the same trip the listener is going to take.”

Do you have any upcoming projects?

“I so badly want to do an album. But recently I’ve been sending off tracks to a bunch of different labels. I guess I’ve never actually planned for an EP or LP release. I really want to so I suppose that’ll be enough incentive for me to get cracking again.

Thanks for taking the time to answer, is there anything else you want to include or tell us about?

“Yes. Anyone reading, I want you to know that the only thing standing in your way of success is how much love you have for what you do. The more you love it the farther you will go. I hope you all like the track.”

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artwork: Adam Wirdzek

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