Residing in Seattle, Gustaf Isaacson, better known as, Goosetaf, brings refreshing new life to the future beats scene. His music is a creative and innovative blend of old jazzy/ambient sounds fused together with modern drums and wavy basslines.  Gus has a passion for incorporating the essence of forgotten musical era’s, and renovating the sound to give it a modern feel.  When asked about his style of music Gus stated, “I love to blend the old with the new, creating a lush mix between the two.” “Embers” is a recently released track from his newly dropped EP, titled ‘Akemi.’ Gus commented in the exclusive SWS interview, This track was the first track I finished on the ‘Akemi’ project.  When I found the keys sample, it almost made me feel like I was in some sort of sensory deprivation chamber.  I decided to add on a bass line and do some chopping and it turned out into one of my favorite tracks.” Gus has just released a large project called Akemi, consisting of 40 mins of new music featuring major collabs. This project is a full vinyl release and features eye catching custom artwork. You can stream ‘Akemi’ under EP’s dropped.

Check Goosetaf’s featured track “Embers” below: