Thomas Balagué and Kévin Dubreuil, co-founders of Gold Prospector Records, have released an exciting new project celebrating GP’s third year as an independent music label. Based out of Montpellier, France, Gold Prospector Records publishes exclusive music from talented artists all over the globe.

“This is the first act called “Night Drive” that is about taking your time and remembering how to breathe, as opposed to filling up your routine all at once.”, a statement by Gold Prospector explaining the mission of this compilation.

“Night Drive” is composed of atmospheric/ambient sounds, acoustic melodies, and chill beats that leave the listener feeling calm, satisfied, and overall a sense of joy. ACT 1 features Sine Wave Surfers founder, Adam Wirdzek (also known as Electrobro) as well as Argo, Skullkid, Pold, Jeevs, and more.

In GP’s own words regarding how the compilation was put together,

“…the compilation is tied together by a strong human feel achieved through endless experimentation with live performance and recording techniques. Each song offers a certain story-telling of surroundings and everyday experiences, and one can relate to this journey in a real and tangible way.”

The artwork for this compilation was executed beautifully by Elyn Kazarian. To support Elyn’s work check out

Gold Prospector Records partners with other well-known music labels such as Phuture Collective, Smile High Club Community, Night-Swim Radio, Night Owl Collective and others.

Free Stream ACT 1 “Night Drive” below:



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