Ready for some hot off the press techno cyber punk? Travis Reisdorf, a.k.a Gold Geisha, hits this week’s feature with a fresh track titled, “Lucid.” This track quickly builds an anticipating drop that takes the listener on a journey through glitchy synths, industrial bass, crunchy waves, and rapid fire heat making for a ‘blade-runner’ like experience into the cyber world.

Travis has been producing music using Ableton for five years; creating insane industrial bass, electro and dark house influenced sounds. Travis says, “A modern approach to 90’s warehouse rave music with a lot cyber punk influence.“, is how one may describe his sound who hasn’t hear it before. When asked what message/thoughts/feelings he had while producing this banger, he explained,

When I was producing “Lucid” I wanted to incorporate a lot of cyber punk blade runner type vibes, When I sat down and wrote this track I kept  visualizing what it would be like in a 2077 warehouse rave in some random post apocalyptic city like Hong Kong. Half way through the writing process I came up with the name “Lucid”  I was visualizing this “imaginary rave” and envisioned bright neon lights emitting from the dark background of some dismal futuristic Mad Max basement setting. At that exact moment I knew the track “lucid” would be one of the few songs I actually finished.”

Be on the lookout for Travis’ upcoming project, Abyss A.D., “a clothing/visual art line created from analog circuit bent video processors from the 80’s that creates a Abstract VHS nostalgic aesthetic.

Free stream and download “Lucid” below:

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