fugue – drowsiness

drowsiness is anything but it’s namesake; it’s an exquisitely packaged track with an immaculate focus on tone that clicks, crackles, and gleams with ethereal expression. fugue drops layers of cascading keys and plucky strings on top of moody electronic flourishes that are like a deep breath of fresh air while surrounded by glittering soft rain. It’s tempting to pick apart the pieces of this track, and every repeat listen reveals another ingredient as entrancing as it is wholly meditative.

Gianluca Carputo, aka fugue, describes his music as:

[…] a blending of analog, organic and glimmering vibes of contemporary electronic music with cinematic, melodic and orchestral elements of classical genres, which isn’t limited by structures or styles. With “drowsiness” I was aiming to give listeners a chillful, relaxing and breathtaking journey thanks to intricate drums, ambient atmospheres and soulful melodies.

After a break from production, fugue is back and promises more new singles and remixes in the near future. Special thanks goes to KUMO Collective, and be sure to check out their incredible roster of artists as well.

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