Floret Loret delivers the curious sounds of a kaleidoscopic abyss on new EP, In Maroon

   I discovered Floret Loret years ago on Soundcloud in a radiant pocket of underground future bass. Their name showed up in my feed with their remix of Further by Sadkey. And good god I fucking loved Sadkey. Agari Volume 005 was four whole years ago. It was a straight up magical time for that maximalist style. It was such a sparse environment for music like that; Sadkey themself didn’t drop much more music after under the same moniker, but Floret Loret was the only one I discovered who took that noise I loved and effectively put his spin on it, capturing the original chaos with unique twists and turns that forced my attention.

   And with an artist name like Floret Loret? I mean, it just rolls of the tongue, a moniker that’s hard to forget. His name continued popping up in the circles I frequented, his remix game was constantly bonkers, and his technical ability on display grew into a series of EPs that still represent some of the best sounds melodic bass music has to offer.

   Floret Loret as an artist has evolved so seamlessly into the experimental bass scene with this technical prowess he’s continued to nurture. He’s garnered the attention and praise of bass-scene titans, ascending to the spotlight of Bassrush Records [Prosper EP] and mau5trap [Undulating EP], as well as with singles on Quality Good Records and Electric Hawk. Now he’s got a brand new EP, In Maroon, that captures the culmination of his accomplishments, which you should listen to right now down below!

   “The premise of this project was to use color association to help influence the creative process by surrounding myself with different shades of red. I changed the colors in my DAW to different shades of red, the lights in my room as well.. ‘In Maroon’ helps tie this project together, summarizing my results/end product of this experiment.”             Floret Loret

   Capturing a consistent motif in a grand musical statement isn’t something most artists are able to achieve easily.

   What Floret Loret is able to pull off on In Maroon is a fluid display of lambent atmosphere that bleeds into abyssal instrumentation, conjuring the illusory tone of being completely enveloped by the deep. The twinkling radiance throughout Submergence sink into bellows of bottomless bass depths on Blackbox Jellyfish, engulfing any glint of sparkling melodic synth pads by surrounding you in it’s sonorous reverberations. FishHop opens the oceanic expanse up with a gargantuan bass groove, blasting rhythmic tension under the ripping, splintering synth waveforms before landing into the EP’s finale. Depths concludes with tempestuous bass under a hypnotizing, glimmering aura of descending synth melodies that absolutely shimmer along the ebbing darkness the EP so expertly conveys.

   Floret Loret is using experimental bass music in such a cohesive, expressive form. He’s created a tenacious display of thematic sounds that thoroughly encapsulates his vision for In Maroon; a colorfully multifaceted play on being marooned (i.e. being trapped and isolated in an inaccessible place). Fuckin’ brilliant. I can’t praise it enough. Don’t sleep on Floret Loret, click the links below to give him a follow!

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