“Alignment” is the first single from Floating Forest’s EP, ‘Forest Bath.’ Ryan Fralick, who goes by Floating Forest, resides in Seattle and has been producing for a decade. Ryan continues to prove his staying power in the experimental future beats scene. His sound incorporates genres ranging from old school jazz/ classical, to the 80’s synth wave. Ryan’s versatility is prevalent as he continues to diversify and re-invent his sound. He currently has five EP’s out, with his second most recent titled, “Forest Bath.” Ryan commented in the inclusive SWS interview, “The idea for this project and this song (Alignment) in particular was inspired by the Japanese practice of shinrin-yoku or “forest bathing”. I really want this one to wash over you, for you to “bathe” in it, meditate in it. This is a good track to play on a loop while you wander through the woods.” This track will is smooth, yet slaps, with carefully crafted snares, and kicks. Be sure to check out Ryan’s newly dropped EP, Inner Space.

Free Stream “Alignment” below: