This week we’re featuring one of our favorite tracks by India based producer, Sidharth Ezhilan (a.k.a ezzyℒand), “MUKBANG.”

“MUKBANG.” is a jazzy, neo soul vibe filled with smooth chord progressions while creating space with an atmospheric melody, smooth bass-line and a head-bop beat.

Sidharth Ezhilan talked us through his process of making this banger as well as his thoughts on being a producer. Here’s a look at our interview with ezzyℒand:

How long have you been producing music? Choice of DAW?

“I’ve been a bedroom producer for the better half of a decade now. I’ve always used FL Studio. Mukbang is the first track I made on Ableton.

How would you describe your sound to someone who has never heard your music?

“I always struggle with answering this question. I settle for words like underground/alternative “electronic” and “hiphop” to describe my music but really it is more complex than that. I spent years trying to emulate my favorite artists from a vast spectrum of genres and now with the level of mastery I possess over the DAW, I’m able to blend various styles, techniques etc., to make my own unique sound. So really, it’s genre-blending.

Talk us through the process, what was the message/feel/emotions you wanted to come across to listeners when you were in the process of producing this banger?

Mukbang is the first track I made on Ableton. I made the track while in the process of picking up the basics of the DAW so I took my time with it. I think I sat on it for a good four days. All my tracks start off as a collection of ideas I put together and as they near completion, they sound nothing like how they did in the beginning. I started off with a dancefloor friendly Kaytranada-esque track but it ended up sounding more like old Flylo. I’m super proud of the artwork too. I actually completed the artwork midway through the track and then drew influence from the art to complete the rest of the track. I now have a basic understanding of Ableton. I leave all my music up for self interpretation. It’s amazing how different people interpret the same song depending on where there are in life. It’s always super interesting and fullfiling to hear from them.

Do you have any upcoming projects?

I always have upcoming projects. Not a day goes by without me opening up my DAW. I have a couple singles lined up for release over the next couple months. I’ve also started putting ideas together for my next album. It’s going to be wild no doubt.

Free Stream “MUKBANG.” below: