Eyezic lets loose on Just Fine, a high energy slice of dreamy synth bass bliss via Trap N Chill

   Eyezic has always had a knack for absolutely huge sound design whether it’s future bass, trap bangers, or deep house remixes. His sound design and creativity show in his remix-game as well as original releases, like his latest FUXWITHIT track, Promise. He dropped a mad set in the last Couch Surfer Fest 2, to be released on our youtube channel soon.

   Glittering arpeggios are peppered through the shimmering risers and brutal bass drops, as the track reaches soaring synth heights. With intricately chopped vocal cuts, and booming bass kicks, it’s Eyezic at his finest, providing the energetic and driving electronica that I keep coming back to. Be sure to support Eyezic below, and the good folks over Trap N Chill for extra wild tunes.

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