capshun & ColsonXL reunite for a brand new dream-team remix of ero808‘s soulful track, Tattoos

   This ain’t the first time we’ve seen capshun & ColsonXL debut their collective talent. After teaming up earlier this year, they got featured on RL Grime‘s Sable Valley label with Watch Me, they’ve branched out and blown up in the underground.

   capshun‘s influence is backed by years of impacting the scene, from broadening the limits of future bass, backing rappers with defining hip hop beats, to new endeavors as an emergent experimental bass force. From his collaboration with chromonicci on phuture collective, to his track with Floret Loret on Gravitas Music, capshun shows no signs of slowing down.

   Cole and Harrison of ColsonXL have made huge strides this year where they’ve kept up a non-stop, diverse electronica palette. I remember hearing Stumble about a year back, instantly getting hooked, and since then have seen the duo ascend to meteoric heights. From dropping a track through Elysian Records with INDAZE, to their latest drop premiering with FUXWITHIT, Colson XL deserves every accolade, never failing to introduce their unique flair for futuristic sound design into everything from house, to pop, to experimental bass, to their self described and best fitting descriptor, future dance.

   None of this would have happened without the backbone of this project, ero808. The Boston, Massachusetts native rapper, singer, producer, instrumentalist, all-around artist is what I’d call an auteur. Listen to a handful of ero808 tracks and you can discern the un-mistakable vibe and flow he procures, while marveling at the insane versatility and variety he displays in straight up musical talent. From heart-string plucking, soulful lyrical content, to the sheer emotional delivery of each track, ero808 glides along the line between headnod steady-cruising and feeling something real.

   With today’s drop, two underground heavyweights converge, injecting their essence into an absolutely beautiful track by ero808. Check it out right now down below!

   Tattoos with the capshun x ColsonXL treatment conveys the track in a whole new light. Where the original is tonally a love song that’s poignant, that yearns, the remix is a love song that charges headfirst into something unbreakable. Pensive moments are spiked by vigorous bass blasts and synth strikes, carrying the message with burning energy. The track is a triumph all around, and if you dig any aspect of it, you know the people that made it happen deserve your support. Big shoutout to all the artists that made this track happen, make sure you follow them in the links down below to keep up!

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