ThatOnePhoenix – EP.EXE

The Sine Wave Surfers crew is proud to introduce a relative newcomer, ThatOnePhoenix, featuring their latest original EP, aptly named EP.EXE. A collection of gorgeous jazz-piano balladry evolving into a Future Bass, Chiptune-tinged odyssey, it’s another solid SWS selection to scratch your experimental electronic itch. EP.EXE‘s an amalgam of genre oddities, featuring swooning piano melodies, muffled jazz club horns, futurebass synth blasts, and blippy 8-bit chips cooked up in a Super Nintendo.

“So I started producing music when i first was in hospital 7 years ago. Never really had a set genre I produce. When I started working on the EP I listened to people like Jaron, grape milk and other dreamy future music producers, so that’s where the leading idea came from. I really love some 8-bit sounds in my tracks but couldn’t build them into any of my tracks as leading sounds. So with this EP, especially Sleep and Fun, that was my goal.” – ThatOnePhoenix

Three tracks; Fun, Sleep, and Love, all create a blend of jazzy ambling melodies and electric embellishments over plucky bass grooves with ThatOnePhoenix‘s chiptune signature. Each track’s a take on electronic music alchemy that’ll pull you into it’s confusingly satisfying bliss.

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