electrobro unveils his latest track, you’re awesome, a sporadic hyper-bass bop of bombastic proportions

   electrobro‘s been on a wave bass journey, and since the release of his Empower Your Friends EP, we’ve all been along for the ride. He introduced the changing of the seasons with his previous single, chonk/spring, and as the summer is reaching it’s tail-end, we’ve arrived at the latest stop on this hyper-bass trip. Check out the latest drop, you’re awesome, from that dude electrobro right now down below!

   What we’ve got here is electrobro-prime, pulling no punches in melodic mayhem and booming bass blasts. With so much of electrobro‘s craft packed into a tight run-time of 2.5 minutes, we catch everything from his full-tilt percussion, to his frenetic sampling, to his melodic builds and vehement drops. It’s all loaded up in a precisely layered platter of wild electronica that you won’t find from anyone else. Show some love in the links down below to get’ya some more electrobro, and to not miss what he’s got for us next!

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