The electrobro EP, EMPOWER YOUR FRIENDS is out now streaming everywhere, featuring a brand new bonus track!

   It’s been two months since we were surprised with a fresh EP from the electronic brother. HYPERPOP RECORDS in collaboration with electrobro featured the release over on their Soundcloud (covered in this SWS blog feature!), but right now you can catch it on all streaming platforms. Experience all the bombastic, glitchy soundscapes all over again, and soak up the brand new bonus track PLUS ULTRA (BINOD) right now down below!

   It’s a helluva’n occasion when a new ebro track drops, especially as a topper to the dope HYPERPOP feature. This track is a freefall into the heaviest music electrobro‘s offered up yet, taking wavy synth swells, hyper-chipped samples, and mind-grinding glitch bass in a vortex of exhilarating electronica bliss. ULTRA PLUS (BINOD) is the damn cherry on top, capping the project with an explosion of sound, and a more than worthy addition to an already incredible EP. Be sure to keep up with whatever the electronic brother cooks up next by following the social links below!

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