electrobro is firing on all cylinders with the surprise Empower Your Friends EP, just released with the folks over at HYPERPOP RECORDS

   This collection of brand new tracks is nothing short of an ebro magnum opus. A culmination of wild ideas and fire features that gets better every listen, from soaring ambiance, to dynamic vocal performances, to the most creative production we’ve yet heard from electrobro.

   It kicks off with AND NOW, a rising and curious track featuring collab favorite, Johanna Vaughan, who provides smooth vocals throughout to be chopped and modulated with ebro flair. Fluting melodies and wide bass are layered beneath the silky vocal cuts before we jump into the next track.

   The titular track is high energy embodiment of electrobro‘s sound design and vocal prowess. The zipping synth leads and bouncy bright electronic blaps are laid out along subtle flourishes of what sound like swooping vinyl scratches. Top notch percussion structure behind all of the vocal embellishments create a track that begs to be picked apart for it’s hyperactive arrangement.

   IS THIS WHAT I THOUGHT, from the get-go has Johanna Vaughan‘s vocal warmth over a curious synth melody, electrobro delivering ghostly vox over a progressively vigorous drum beat. The track builds into a squelching zap banger as ebro‘s experimental bass synthesis slams into the melody.

   NO FEAR with swell._.boy is a mellow journey, the most vocally structured track with electrobro waxing poetic about overcoming fear. It’s an incredibly charming song, ending with bubbly synth work, shimmering sample chops, and wise mantras.

   I HAVE A FOLDER OF DANK MEMES AND I WANT TO SAVE THE WORLD. Don’t we all? It’s a fantastic closer, really tying up what I consider to be electrobro‘s most impressive and thematically consistent collection of tracks yet. We end with exhilaratingly waterlogged vocal filtering, chirpy synth blips, and big wubs.

   Check out the whole EP over at HYPERPOP RECORDS, and big shoutout to them for hosting!

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