electrobro‘s latest track chonk/spring is a smash n’ grab electronica free-for-all

   Coming off the heels of the official drop for the Empower Your Friends EP, electrobro has maintained his non-stop grind. From managing the Sine Waves Surfers, to curating new talent for the Growth Compilation, it’s wild that ebro‘s got the time to synthesize his flavor of future electronica. With chonk/spring, electrobro welcomes the season with a blast of synth color. Check out the new track down below!

                                    c  h  o  n  k
s  p  r  i  n  g

   New electrobro is truly refreshing. Ya never know what genre will be bent, what sounds will converge, or to what length’s electrobro will go to create something wildly unique. chonk/spring twists and turns from melodic mellow to straight ghastly, from bouncy beats to chugging bass roars, brightening into a lightning storm of synth strikes. Two sound motifs collide and intertwine that reflect the track’s title, while defying expectations with intricate sound design. It’s worth keeping up with electrobro just to see where he’ll take his sound next. Be sure to check out the social links below and to follow the link to the SWS monthly newsletter to get direct updates on what’s coming up!

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