electrobro concocts a twisted, mind-melter for robots on Chips, premiering with the good people at The Undergrowth

   electrobro‘s starting off the new year with another huge feature, teaming up with The Undergrowth, outta Asheville NC. Following up on the EMPOWER YOUR FRIENDS EP drop with HYPERPOP RECORDS, he’s keeping up his growing portfolio of releases and features with this latest experimental hit, Chips. The track description at The Undergrowth‘s page says it best:

“Electrobro has been described by some as a force of nature. Combining mind-bending sound design, glitchy grooves and soul-touching melodies, the music of our electronic brother is ever-evolving and full of love. With over 20 years of experience recording and producing, while playing multiple instruments in countless bands, the Sine Wave Surfers founder and creative director regularly seeks new ways to innovate and empower those around him.
“Chips” is a song of growth, the journey of experiencing the shadow of the self, while understanding and loving the entirety of oneself in order to better love those around us, even the parts we don’t like as much.”

   Check the track right here!

   I can’t get this thought out of my head that Chips is the soundtrack to “humanity-tutorials” being taught to robots. Like, I think that electrobro is accurately conveying the self-actualization of curious automatons on this song, and the mind/circuit bending production behind it sets that scene perfectly. Starting off with a playful tune and upbeat melody before nose-diving into a warped version of reality, it’s like a corruption spreading through a laser-light mainframe. With precise sampling (that panther cut OOF), sub-bass tremors underfoot, the distorted and rattling synthesis, it all swirls into a vortex of sound and style that electrobro has been brilliantly crafting for years.

   Big shoutout to The Undergrowth for hosting the track, be sure to check ’em and electrobro out in the socials below.

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