KUMO Collective shines the spotlight on Drvmmer and his latest track, Melophile, a lustrous slice of interstellar electronica

   The Northern Italy-based KUMO Collective is a major player in the electronic underground, from their artist-showcase KUMO Radio show, to their biweekly KUMO Approves essential playlists, to their label releases and singles. They promote countless artists on their platforms including Sine Wave Surfer friends like eyezic and Hendrik Joerges, as well as worldwide genre pioneers like Dabow and Jupe. The KUMO Collective team of curators are top-notch, and a premiere on their platform is an accolade for any artist in the underground. The latest artist to join this rank is Drvmmer:

   Andrea Menarello is: Drvmmer

   He’s an Italy-based producer and multi-instrumentalist who’s been making waves for his uniquely hyper-melodic bass music that takes a many-genre approach to electronica. The Drvmmer sound is built on a bed of vigorous percussion, lush synth-work, and high energy lead melodies. His latest track is Melophile, and it highlights all his impressive musical qualities across it’s 4-minute runtime. You can hear it with KUMO Collective and right now down below!

 I started ‘Melophile’ about one year ago. The main element of this song is the large amount of 8 bit sounds such as arps and leads, mixed with heavy and angry reese bass. I hope to be able to ‘hypnotize’ and excite listeners in a positive way, just to let them feel how music can express colors and moods in a very intriguing way!”
                                                                                                                               – Drvmmer

   From the onset of it’s dreamy pianos, to the buildup of glowing keys and punchy percussion, Melophile never stops evolving from start to end. The track is guided by a zipping, gliding bassline, but the star of the show is the intricate and almost improvisational energy of it’s arpeggios. The glitzy, chipped-out synth passages dip and lift, trilling higher and landing in a set of perfectly dissonant chords. The gleaming flair of synths trickle throughout the track over top of a tightly controlled bass section, where the arps accentuate a drop, or float aimlessly above. It’s a listening experience where ya feel one part weightless and freeform, another part grounded by how impressive the composition is. It’s another hit for Drvmmer‘s growing portfolio, and we’re excited to see him and KUMO Collective coming together to share some incredible music. Check out both of em’ and follow Drvmmer down below!

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