Snakko has recently caught the attention of Dubstephead’s around the globe after placing first in the DirtySnatcha’s ‘This is America’ remix contest. Raleigh NC’s very own, Nick Miller aka Snakko, gave his own gritty twist to this nation wide anthem. Nick talked us through the process of producing this banger in the exclusive SWS interview, “Working on remixes is always awesome cause you get a chance to quickly reverse engineer the track and dissect what’s going on and where. In this case I was already excited to have the stems from DIRTYSNATCHA and wanted to try out some new sounds I had made the week before.  The original track had a heavy dubstep feel so I wanted to match that energy but also catch people off guard by keeping the intro sections primarily the same besides the mixdown and some filtering.” When it comes to his sound, Snakko describes it as a, “blend of riddim, dubstep and tearout, like a wind up malfunctioning robot with a beat.” Fans can anticipate a busy finish to the year with a track coming out with Dead Cell Audio for their Halloween compilation on 10/31, and a collab EP with Bromosapien and Scripta via The Undergrowth sometime in November. Snakko also has collabs with other artists from The Undergrowth Collective like SKEYEview, Kirby Bright, and Makak, and new material with Moontype and Phist (upcoming NC native producers).

Free Stream  “This Is Dubstep (Snakko Remix)” below:

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