maximum is the latest collab between Dear Elvira and Ebro, a genre defying blast of hyper charged electronica

   Dear Elvira and Electrobro really flex with this new SWS premiere (included on the upcoming compilation). maximum lives up to it’s namesake as an exhilarating rush of melodic bass brimming with intricate switch-ups. The track feels straight up arctic, with icy synth melodies that meet the razor’s edge of hardstyle techno, transforming into future bass wonk at it’s momentous heights.

   There’s a shimmering quality to the percussive beats that morph to meet the energy of the track, which evolves a lot over the course of 4 minutes. Portions of the track almost resemble a sort of classical composition like an electronic requiem, before stylishly dipping into a buttery chillwave bass line. It’s just so full of volume and atmosphere, like a vast hollow lit up by bells and synthesizers. Go check it out for yourself above, or on the SWS Soundcloud. Keep up with Dear Elvira and electrobro by sharing and following them in the socials below.

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