Kicking off this week with another super fresh track from our Vibes compilation, we’re grateful to present, “Meguro Station” by the extremely talented producer, dear elvira. Christopher Lee has shared two massive sets with us as dear elvira, one at Bass In The Garden in Virginia Tech’s Hahn Horticulture Garden this past fall, and the other as our headliner most recently, at The Milk Parlor for Wave Nite IX.

“Meguro Station” is a beautifully composed track beginning with a smooth chorus of violins that are elegantly accompanied by a tasteful bongo groove. The tune builds into a thoughtful feel-good melody that comforts the soul and warms the heart. The flutes and bells hug the listeners ears, encompassing the love that the Vibes Compliation seeks to share with the world.

“dear elvira is an OG. On top of being an extremely talented producer, he started @dojanggang, one of the original artist collectives on Soundcloud and a huge influence on the shape and direction of SWS.” -Adam Wirdzek

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