The genre bending duo out of L.A, recently dropped a new music video for their single, ‘Life.’ Staying true to Darci’s sinister and sensual ambiance, ‘Life’ delivers an artistically inclined body of work for fans to enjoy. When asked about the creative process of making the video, Darci explained in the SWS exclusive interview, “The video was filmed in NYC. The director hit me up online as a fan and said he had a vision. We thought his ideas were cool, so I called up Slay (the girl from the video and a bunch of our cover arts) and had her meet me in NYC. We shot at a few locations over 2 days and had a lot of fun.The video kind of shows Slay poisoning me, which I feel represents how certain situations can kind of put us into a rut or a dark place.” Darci goes on to further elaborate, “The song is about being in a dark place and looking for something or someone to take you out of it. A person, material objects, substance. Some of those are right and some of those not so much. But it’s just about the search for something to break out of a rut really, which is somewhere I think we’ve all been.” The 2 artists, who choose to remain anonymous, started their career DJing and producing music together six years ago. In the two years they’ve duo unveiled their collaborative project ,Darci, the success has been felt worldwide. Darci has earned a recognizable name for themselves, tapping into the dark trap, new wave R&B genre, and has established staying power.

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