Dabow is back, teaming up with KUMO Collective and FUXWITHIT for a brand new wonky bass track.

   Dabow is one of the experimental artists that I still associate with the ethereal “Soundcloud Golden Age”; the mystical time where the emerging artists, collectives, repost chain-ers, everyone was on one. Any new drop is always a treat, and it’s so cool to see artists I’ve been following for years releasing tracks with friends over at KUMO Collective. As always, we’ve got FUXWITHIT leading the charge, finger on the pulse like they’ve been doing since they started 7 years ago.

   This song is like the anthem to a derelict insane asylum for clowns. I don’t know how Dabow does it, but the onset claps soaked in delay and reverb, and the squelching, squeaking synth lead culminates into an off-kilter auditory sensation that’s mind melting. It’s experimental bass that’s scene-setting. Like, you’re not listening to deliberate instrumentation on Ah Nah, you’re in a space (maybe a padded room), and you’re surrounded by the barrage of jarring yet melding noises. I’m left resigned to the facts, it bumps, it’s confusing in all the right ways, and I can’t get enough of it.

   Show some love in the socials down below, everyone involved in this release is awesome, established, and deserves your attention!

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