SWS’s very own and Bay Area resident, Brian Cuan, or ‘Cuanzi’, is a talented, multifaceted producer who brings a creative approach to the underground electronic scene. His sound is an innovative blend of future bass, house, and features undertones of bouncey-trap. His soulful, glitch-trap style is exemplified in his newly released single, titled, “Seeker” which is an eclectic, trap inspired dance anthem.  Brian commented, “This is a jumpy song, just jumping around everywhere flailing. If you don’t feel anything you may need to check your pulse. This is the kind of song I’ve been wanting to make after but have been so busy submitting to collectives and collabs that it never came out. I took the collab with Himmel, deleted all everything but percs, and made this song so say thanks to Himmel.” Listeners can look forward to more well-crafted, inspiring tracks from Cuanzi in the near future.


Free Stream “Seeker” below: