An unavoidable part of discovering digital music is visual impressions preceding audio- the image, title, tags, they dictate whether you even consider clicking play on track. It’s a gripping aspect of doom scrolling through Soundcloud.

    SIMON SMTHNG is the artist on my music feed that always gets a click no matter the descriptor. He takes Luther Vandross and tags it “Footwork“, and it shatters expectations. The dude can flip a track into another dimension. When he flexes his production skills, SIMON SMTHNG synthesizes some of the most distinctive music on the ‘Cloud.

   I’m not sayin’ “ya never know what you’ll get” with SIMON SMTHNG because you know for a fact you’re getting quality music. Just listen to any track off of you will know fear, and you’ll experience the massive range of styles packed into one album.

   Variety’s the name of SIMON SMTHNG‘s portfolio. Up for something funky? Mellow? Need a long drive playlist? Throw on SIMON SMTHNG and you’re set. Hip-hop, rap, drum n’ bass, house, lofi, i’m just scraping the surface here.

   If you’re into it, then don’t miss out on SIMON SMTHNG‘s set for Couch Surfer Fest 2, Nov 19th-21st. We’re inching ever closer to the digital fest, and we hope you come join us on our twitch channel where’ll you catch an incredible roster of musicians all night.



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