Proflogik is nothing short of prolific; a beat-smith to the core. He’s been a creative force in the architecture of online hip-hop for over a decade and is one of the Sine Wave Surfer’s earliest collaborators.

   Proflogik presides over his digital domain as a virtuous loop master, percussive connoisseur, and every track he’s cooked up compels a headnod. The beats speak to his prowess, from classic old school vibes to crisp experimental beats.

   You can find tons of projects by Proflogik all over his socials, where ideas, loops, beats, and philosophies permeate throughout his dedication to the craft. From the cutting room floor to the final product, Proflogik‘s beat mastery shines brighter than ever with the promise of new music out soon, and a headlining spot on the Couch Surfer Fest 2 broadcast on our twitch page. Don’t miss Proflogik and the rest of the incredible roster starting Nov. 19th until Nov. 21st, at this link -> []

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