Oh man, where do I even begin with knyvez. Listening to his entire Soundcloud stream of original tracks, it’s clear that every track is overpowered electro bliss. With synthesis like this, it’s hard to keep your head from swaying and to stop your feet from tapping. knyvez takes 4-to-the-floor house music and hyper charges it with creative riffs and morphing leads, the kind you feel in your bones.

   It’s rare for a knyvez track to top 3 minutes, which is incredible considering he packs so much creative content into these bites of electro-house blasters. Even the more mellow cuts hold the signature bounce present in most of knyvez‘s tracks.

   knyvez pulls elements of experimental and big EDM styles together, culminating into a gargantuan sound. His music has an “open-the-pit” kind of vitality, layered with building melodies and vigorous bass grooves. It’s dancefloor accessible music that’s surgical in it’s delivery of unique synth leads and guttural, primordial bass sequences.

   If you dig this sound, then you won’t want to miss knyvez‘ set for Couch Surfer Fest 2, from Nov. 19th-21st, only on our twitch channel.

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