There are few things as exciting as our upcoming live performance from JKuch. His expansive future bass sound and meticulous production skill make waves in the scene with every song drop and live show. JKuch‘s prowess has led to countless features and premieres through-

   Phuture Collective,


and more!

   JKuch has even headlined shows in the BBurg home base of the Sine Wave Surfers.

   From smooth beats, to airy synth pads and crooning vocals, to gargantuan bass-scapes (sometimes all within the same track), JKuch creates an unforgettable head space.

   Click JKuch‘s Soundcloud stream from the top and listen all the way down, you’ll experience a roller coaster catalog of mind-bending bass tracks and elastic synth balladry.

   JKuch and collaborators like Samad Savage interweave rap/vocals and wonky, bass-heavy synth architecture. He’s worked with multiple recording artists and producers who add extra flavor to an already proficient music catalog. Check this collab with experimental bass cipher, thook.

   JKuch is a creative force in underground electronic music, with a totally hypnotizing ability for colossal bass synthesis that’s distinctive yet notably varied.

   With only two weeks to go, we can’t wait to hear what JKuch has cooked up for the Couch Surfer Festival, Nov. 19th-21st, only on our twitch channel. Be sure to support JKuch in the links below, and click on any of the bold-typed names of artists/collectives to get to their page. Stay tuned for more spotlight pieces on our incredible roster of artists.

Support JKuch:
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