Hendrik Joerges is a what I’d call a classic EDM artisan. His stream is chock full of massive future-house bangers, with songs that make you close your eyes and visualize the neon-tinged laser lights flooding a starry sky. It’s big-room, festival floor style electronica that’s sure to please EDM fans and bass-heads alike.

   Hendrik balances weightlessly between grimy bass blasters and uplifting electronic pop, carrying the stellar production for his many vocal features. The way he’s able to generate such bright synthesis while accentuating the vocal melodies is faultless, and displays his attention to detail. That perceptive quality is present in his solo-projects as well as his numerous remixes, like this bass-house flip of HAEZER:

   With Couch Surfer Fest 2 debuting TODAY (Nov.19th), we’re extremely close to Hendrik Joergeslive set. Don’t miss out by checking the Sine Wave Surfers twitch channel every night from today until Nov. 21st so you can catch a roster full of incredible artists.

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