Sidarth Ezhilan aka ezzyℒand aka TRAP MACHI is a legend among the Sine Wave Surfer squad. He’s an auteur musician, who top to bottom runs the production, singing, mixing/mastering, graphic design, photography, and media duties that has developed into the ezzyℒand.

   There’s a breadth of style and inspiration all throughout ezzyℒand‘s tenure on the internet. He’s not afraid to dive right in to a sub genre and crank out a high quality track.

   It’s hard not to love the variety of genres on display, from chillwave/chilltrap, future bass, future beats, cloud rap, and so much more including an array of notable features, like fellow SWSurfer kayoti (who’s been featured on the blog many times, shoutout to his sample pack thru swspacks.com!).

   It’s honestly hard to decide on what to feature, because there’s so much ezzyℒand has accomplished. Here’s one more track, because I can’t resist flooding this post with his music.

   Keep ezzyℒand on your radar, and don’t miss his set for the upcoming Couch Surfer Fest 2, starting Nov. 19th-21st, only on our twitch channel.

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