Adam, aka Papa Sine Wave, aka the Electronic Brother, aka electrobro; if you didn’t know, Adam is the creator and humble patron of the Sine Wave Surfers Collective.

   What started out as a Facebook production/tip sharing group in Blacksburg VA, has grown into a collection of artists all across the world. With electrobro at the helm, he’s helped build a community of like-minded music lovers while continuing to create new music, partake in collaborations, host live events, and do anything to uplift fellow artists.

   electrobro‘s carved out his own sound over years of digital exposure and experimentation. From 0pBounce, to drum&bass, to future beats, he dives headfirst into new projects that push burgeoning music scenes . He’s an architect of skittering synth leads and bit-crushed keys, like they’re being animated by jolts of static electricity. With meticulous focus on designing layers of samples and rhythmic bass sequences, he develops a bouncy frequency that’s uniquely his own.

   electrobro is always down for collaboration, actualizing a mantra of uplifting friends. He’s cultivated a cast of local artists and contributors like Romain and Johanna Vaughan (providing notable vocal performances on many of Ebro‘s top tracks), as well as with many domestic and international producer friends. This attitude mixed with production technique has landed electrobro on compilation albums, artist collectives, and live events across the east coast. Check out his premiere with Night Swim Radio below:

   [Here’s one more from the Sine Wave Surfers page with kayoti for good measure!]

   Big thanks to Adam for nurturing a home-base that gives so many artists a platform (not to mention, giving me editorial free-reign to pick my own topics for this blog ¯_(ツ)_/¯). You can catch electrobro and the rest of this amazing roster at the Couch Surfer Fest 2 livestream from Nov. 19th-21st, only on our twitch channel.

Support electrobro:

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Fresh//hell (fka K. Flo) is ya resident Sine Wave Surfers DJ (part producer) who’s been collecting music and waxing poetic on the state of underground electronica since 2011. Starting his DJ career in Blacksburg and the NRV, he’s been a supporting EDM/electronica act (for the likes of Electrobro, Spark Arrester, BUKU, Space Jesus, Digital Ethos, Arius, and more!), doing promo and social media support for SWS, and ruthlessly amassing vinyl records, before moving to Richmond, VA, in 2019. Fresh-hell’s here to collect, create, and curate for your electronic enjoyment.

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