kayoti‘s signature sound and colorful production shines on his latest track, cosmic bounce

   I’m always amazed at how kayoti manages to infuse his style into the variety of tracks in his portfolio. He’s developed a characteristic sound that is unmistakable, and continues to imbue his work with the bright synthy swells and mellow flow that keep pulling me back to his music.

   cosmic bounce embodies the kayoti flair I’ve come to love, with a dreamy intro that rises into a synth n’ sample heavy romp. With laser blast synth swells, twinkling flourishes, and creatively familiar Nintendo samples scattered throughout the track, it’s a joyous future-beat to soak up and jam to.

   Keep up with kayoti in the links below, and check out his insane output this last year. He’s been dropping huge tracks so consistently on his own page, as well as with the Sine Wave Surfers gang, like the frenetic brainfreeze w/ electrobro

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