ColsonXL x ero808 – Dreamgirl [EP Out Now]

   Colson XL and ero808‘s collaborative efforts culminate into an energetic, emotive electronica project, the Dreamgirl EP

   Since the release of ColsonXL and ero808’s euphoric title track for this EP dropped a few weeks back, I’ve been wildly anticipating their full project for another hit of that incomparable R&B and stunning electronic soundscape. The Dreamgirl title track set my expectations high, along with ColsonXL and ero808‘s previous collaboration on #tattoos (with capshun), but I couldn’t have expected a collection of tracks so seamless and true to the strengths of these artists. Listen to the whole EP for yourself down below!

My writing process is all about letting those emotions flow out without giving them too much thought. It’s a very organic, free process. The only goal is to capture something real; something universal.”

                                                                                                                                                                  – ero808

   The Dreamgirl EP is a triumph, a contiguous expression of electronic prowess from ColsonXL and the silky singer/songwriter vocal chops of ero808. From top to bottom, the EP conveys a love story that’s complemented at every angle by the composition. Where some collaborations are simply a grab-bag of ideas and WIPs, this is a collective effort of interweaving songs, essential interludes, and it requires the album repeat button to hammer home the poetic cycle of love and loss. From the beat-switches, the synth swells, the cut-up vocal modulations, and emotive lyricism betwixt the bass drops, the Dreamgirl EP truly does play out like a dream, a euphoric experience that wears it’s heart on it’s sleeve. And seriously, put this thing on repeat, it’s worth it.

   If you feel it, be sure to check out ColsonXL and ero808 in the links down below to keep up with these incredibly talented artists. Go show ’em some love!

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