Coka Cobra & Walschlager’s latest collab, Turn It Up, is a bass’d-out genre fusion set for the festival circuit

   Coka Cobra & Walschlager are true to form on their latest collaboration. They last worked together on Drop This, a banger experimental bass track that got featured over on DIVERGENCE RECORDS. Coka Cobra’s been making waves with tracks featured on CONFESSION, Walschlager‘s been featured by FUXWITHIT, and both have been supported by huge artists like AC Slater, Whipped Cream, and played out on festival stages including Lost Lands. The two have cooked up a brand new track, bringing in both their influences of dark experimental bass, trap, and gritty house music. Check out Turn It Up right now down below!

“Our inspiration was making something that would gel with festivals. While meeting at EDC 2019, we both have seen how speed house can impact a crowd & wanted to be a part of the magic. The mood we were trying to create with ‘Turn It Up’ is a hype up beat energy and something DJ friendly to mix off 150bpm.”
Coka Cobra & Walschlager

   Turn It Up is a rhythmic beast, going from cataclysmic bass blasts to vigorous speed-house before you can catch your breath. Both artists mesh their styles seamlessly, starting with intense vocal samples layered over rising tension, bounding into a huge bass drop that dives into choice thumping percussion. The rhythm pounds and ebbs in a dark, experimental soundscape that’s undeniably danceable. These two cooked up an anthem set for the festival dancefloor, and I can’t wait to hear what they drum up next. Be sure to keep up with Coka Cobra & Walschlager in the links down below to follow their festival-destined journey!

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