grape milk – Block

Fresh tune from SWS fam, Grape Milk (@elidrinksgrapemilk) Eli Warren, a.k.a grape milk, is a young up and coming producer who has been featured in our latest SWS release with his fresh track, "Block." Eli Warren "Block" takes the listener on a wavebass journey starting with a steady build leading…

Trent Andrew – Take Out Sushi

New music from SWS's fam and underground electronic music memelord himself --> Trent Andrew - Take Out Sushi Editor-in-chief at, Trent Andrew, hits this week's spotlight with this banger track. Trent's witty, experimental and lively style is sure to get you movin' and groovin'. 'Take Out Sushi' is composed…

North Takoda – Island Weather

New music from SWS’s fam ~ North Takoda - Island Weather North Takoda, originally from NYC now residing in North Carolina, is steadily making waves for herself in the Lo-Fi genre. Her recent single, "Island Weather", is bright, bouncy, and full of life. The second half of the song features…

Ross Walter x Electrobro – Saints

New music from SWS’s fam ~ Ross Walter x Electrobro - Saints Blacksburg's very own Ebro and Ross Walter combine wavey R&B vocals with glitched out new wave elements in this creative, funnk filled tune.  ⭐️ Free Stream  "Saints" below: ⭐️ Support Ross Walter x Electrobro    

Electrobro – King of Bones (ft. romaine x Danny)

New music from SWS’s fam ~ Electrobro - King of Bones (ft. romaine x Danny) Ebro and Danny break out the sonic phunk in this playful banger, while Romaine's vocals add a sensual, sweet element.  ⭐️ Free Stream  "King of Bones" below: ⭐️ Support Electrobro x Danny x Romaine ttps://…

Jives – Strawberry Girl

New music from SWS’s fam ~ Jives - Strawberry Girl ! Hailing from Australia, Tom Rose aka Jives, beautifully delivers this orchestral, future beats gem, "Strawberry Girl". Everything seems to flow together flawlessly from the silky violin chords, to the timeless vocals. Jives keeps listeners on their toes switching from…

BJ Maye x electrobro – Knowhere

New music from SWS’s fam ~ BJ Maye x electrobro - Knowhere! Vibe out to this smooth, soulful slapper encompassing perfectly timed vocal chops, harmonic keys, and a whimsical surprise ending ⭐️ Free Stream  "Knowhere" below: ⭐️ Support BJ Maye x electrobro

YUSHUF – geisha (ebro mix)

New music from SWS’s fam ~ YUSHUF - geisha (ebro mix) Electrobro did his thing on this fresh remix of SWS's Yushuf's titled track, Geisha. Asian instruments, jazzy piano solos, and quirky vocals complete this tasty tune. ⭐️ Free Stream  "Geisha (ebro mix)" below: ⭐️ Support

GLAZED – Take My Hand

New music from SWS’s fam ~ GLAZED - Take My Hand! Repping VA, Dan Hankins gives us a chilled out summer tune complete with a King of the Hill vocal clip and a psychedelic phazer-driven outro.  ⭐️ Free Stream  "Take My Hand" below: ⭐️ Support GLAZED

Cuanzi – ghost

New music from SWS’s fam ~ Cuanzi - ghost! "Ghost" is a fresh new single from the talented, Brian Cuan, with stacked synth-waves, and a future bounce vibe. ⭐️ Free Stream  " Ghost" below: ⭐️   Support Cuanzi

Bowser Dawkins – Forgive Yourself

New music from SWS’s fam ~ Bowser Dawkins - Forgive Yourself! Fittingly titled, this new tasty tune from Bowser,  gives off a 'glitch-future beats' vibe, and features an inspirational speech, through distorted vocals. ⭐️ Free Stream  "Forgive Yourself " below: ⭐️ Support Bowser Dawkins

20 (andrewvoid flip)

New music from SWS’s fam ~ 20 (andrewvoid flip)! Andrew put his own spin on Lil Uzi's 20 min, throwing some wavey bass lines, and shimmery hats down. ⭐️ Free Stream  "[reelraw]" below: ⭐️   Support andrewvoid  

C.R.I.S.T.E.N – [reelraw]

New music from SWS’s fam, C.R.I.S.T.E.N - [reelraw]! Cristen Isreal cooks up some heat with this smooth hitting, jazz infused, head nodder draped in sexy saxophone notes. ⭐️ Free Stream  "[reelraw]" below: ⭐️ Support

Lion Panel x electrobro – Chrome

New music from SWS’s fam ~ Lion Panel x electrobro - Chrome! "Chrome" is a new single dropped from Adam & lion panel featuring smooth, buttery stuttered undertones and wicked vocal effects Free Stream  "Chrome " below:   Support Lion Panel x electrobro

Daehan (대한) – Tell Me

New music from SWS’s fam ~ Daehan (대한) - Tell Me! Fresh new fire from Eric Deo titled "Tell Me" giving us a playful, energetic ambiance and xylophone notes. ⭐️ Free Stream  "Tell Me" below: ⭐️   Support

Cozy Kondo – Only Just

New music from SWS’s fam ~ Cozy Kondo - Only Just! "Only Just" is a groovy, retro infused soul funk single from Cozy, blending wavey bass lines with jazzy tropical vibes  ⭐️ Free Stream  " Only Just" below: ⭐️ Support

Himmel – Freedom

Sine Wave Surfer’s very own Amir Shami, better known as Himmel, is steadily making his own waves in the uprising ‘future beats’ scene. Amir has consistently been putting out hits for the past two years, and began his journey as a producer, 6 years ago. His songs are coated in well-crafted…