Night Swim Radio leads a massive crew of electronica powerhouses together on their latest collaborative effort, Music to Call Home Vol. IV. This 19-track compilation features tons of incredible artists, styles ranging from future beats/bass, lofi, trap, and so much more in an absolutely huge palette of electronica. Night Swim Radio plans to donate all proceeds from streaming/buying the comp towards Today’s Future Sound:

Through hands-on beat making and music production instruction, Today’s Future Sound creates an outlet for creativiy, personal expression, and critical thinking in education, mental health, juvenile, and veteran’s facilities. Learn more at

And that dude electrobro is featured! He’s contributed a bit-crushed banger, awash with chipped up synth blasts, a wildly intricate rhythm that’s blanketed in a glitched-out barrage of modified samples. A simultaneous warm melody and ice-cold, chop heavy blend that electrobro serves to perfection.

I feel remiss in not directly mentioning ALL these talented producers onboard the collab, so I implore that ya check out each individual track, stream it somewhere on repeat, or just drop a donation to if you can. Big shoutout to Night Swim Radio for this righteous cause, and for makin’ it all happen!

Wanna check out any of the mentioned artists, collectives, or tracks mentioned in this post? Just hover over any bold-text names to head to their page!

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L’Homie – Psychedelic Groove (feat. 3i JOE)

By |2020-07-17T21:36:25+00:00July 17th, 2020|Bass, Ep's Dropped, Future Bass, House, Trap|

L'Homie unveils the first track off his brand new EP [DRIFT] with LA grime rapper, 3i JOE Psychedelic Groove is the newest booming bass groove from L'Homie, the prodigious producer hailing from Los Angeles, who's been featured on extensive label collectives like Playitlouder, more creativity records, Phuture Collective, and many more. Coming

EP.EXE – ThatOnePhoenix

By |2020-04-22T23:37:38+00:00April 15th, 2020|Future Bass|

ThatOnePhoenix - EP.EXE The Sine Wave Surfers crew is proud to introduce a relative newcomer, ThatOnePhoenix, featuring their latest original EP, aptly named EP.EXE. A collection of gorgeous jazz-piano balladry evolving into a Future Bass, Chiptune-tinged odyssey, it’s another solid SWS selection to scratch your experimental electronic itch. EP.EXE's an amalgam

Pirlew – Black Ice

By |2020-01-27T04:27:36+00:00January 14th, 2020|Future Bass, Future Beats, SWS Music|

Next up on our Vibes Compilation is a future-bounce track titled, "Black Ice" by our fam Pirlew. 🌊🌊 Denver based producer, Pirlew, continues to push out heat with every track including previously featured, "Ice Age." This past year he effortlessly grabbed the crowd's attention during his set at our Bass In The Garden music

ZenAware – Breathe

By |2020-01-15T04:39:14+00:00January 12th, 2020|Future Bass, Future Beats|

Announcing a fresh Post-Future tune from Phuture Collective's own, ZenAware. "Breathe" is a beautiful track composed of atmospheric future bass vibes and chill echoing melodies flowing within it's own unique climatic sound design. We can't wait to hear what 2020 has in store. How long have you been producing music? Choice of DAW?

Too Much – Hydrate

By |2019-12-16T17:06:42+00:00November 13th, 2019|Future Bass, Future Beats|

We are stoked to announce a fresh track titled, "Hydrate", originally released with artist collective, Lunch Box. Former Vancouver based vocalist from Olesya, Aleks Arzhanov, released some new heat under his solo project, 'Too Much'. "Hydrate" is a world music future knock fusion banger. Filled with tribal inspired percussion, chunky sub hits,

Kayoti – Uplift

By |2019-12-16T17:10:43+00:00October 8th, 2019|Future Bass, Future Beats, SWS Collection|

Next up on our Vibes Compilation is a euphonious track from Pune, India based producer, Alhamd Khan (a.k.a. Kayoti). This is Kayoti's second feature on our blog and we are so excited to have him featured on our compilation. Producing for 7 years using FL Studio 11, Kayoti's style ranges from lofi to future

michael mason – Out and About [More Creativity Records Premiere]

By |2019-12-16T17:10:48+00:00September 27th, 2019|Future Bass, Future Beats|

New York based producer ,DJ and co-founder of More Creativity Records, Michael Mason, just released a fresh track via MCR titled, "Out and About." A leisure/"time off" feel mixed with a low punchy bass, beautiful acoustic elements and a harmonic chord progression make "Out and About" a track you'll have on repeat. Michael's music

Himmel – Pride

By |2019-12-16T17:12:00+00:00September 23rd, 2019|Future Bass, Future Beats, SWS Collection, SWS Music|

Introducing the first released track featured on our 2019 "Vibes" Summer Compilation album: "Pride" by Himmel A fresh future beats track filled with bouncy synths from Washington D.C. based producer, Amir Shami. "Pride" hits the listener right away with bouncy synths, harmonic keys, and a touch of vocal clips that give a nice heavy

TSU.GA – Stardew

By |2019-12-16T17:10:53+00:00September 3rd, 2019|Future Bass, Future Beats|

Today we bring you one of the most delicious beats of the summers end: Stardew by TSU.GA Make sure you buckle up because once the beat opens up, youwill be thrown into some of the most scrumptious sounds TSU.GA has evercreated. Let the perfect flutes guide you into a feeling of peace andbelonging. Additionally,

Proche – Stagnant

By |2019-12-16T17:08:15+00:00July 23rd, 2019|Future Bass, Future Beats|

More Creativity Records released a banger from British Columbia based producer, Proche, titled, "Stagnant." Melodic synths leading up to a big drop in the beginning of this track take the listener on a roller coaster of booming bass drops; twists and turns full of experimental synths and ping-pong like reverberated waves. "Stagnant" is a

ezzyℒand – MUKBANG.

By |2019-12-16T17:15:42+00:00July 8th, 2019|Future Bass, Future Beats, Genre|

This week we're featuring one of our favorite tracks by India based producer, Sidharth Ezhilan (a.k.a ezzyℒand), "MUKBANG." "MUKBANG." is a jazzy, neo soul vibe filled with smooth chord progressions while creating space with an atmospheric melody, smooth bass-line and a head-bop beat. Sidharth Ezhilan talked us through his process of making this banger

grape milk – Block

By |2019-11-23T02:54:45+00:00July 6th, 2019|Future Bass, Future Beats, Genre, SWS Collection, SWS Music|

grape milk - block Fresh tune from SWS fam, Grape Milk (@elidrinksgrapemilk) Eli Warren, a.k.a grape milk, is a young up and coming producer who has been featured in our latest SWS release with his fresh track, "Block." "Block" takes the listener on a wavebass journey starting with a steady build leading to

Kayoti – Interstellar

By |2019-12-16T17:15:24+00:00June 28th, 2019|Future Bass, Future Beats, Genre|

Fresh tune from India based producer, Kayoti 🌊🌊🌊 ~~ Interstellar ~~ Alhamd Khan has been producing for about 7 years using FL Studio 11; creating underground electronic synthwave, lofi, future, and vaporwave style beats. "Interstellar" encapsulates a chill atmospheric vibe with smooth chords and textured synths in this favorable lofi bass tune. How would

Alex Martian – Cathedral

By |2019-12-16T17:15:13+00:00June 17th, 2019|Future Bass, Future Beats, Genre|

New music from New York based producer, Alex Martian ~ Alex Mar has been producing for 4 1/2 years using Logic Pro X to create some insanely unique sounds; experimenting with genres such as chill-hop, bounce, future beats, electro, hip-hop and trap. "Cathedral" draws in the listener with a nice build up of flute-like

Skullkid – I Have Confidence In You

By |2019-11-23T03:18:32+00:00June 10th, 2019|Future Bass, Future Beats, Genre, SWS Collection|

Skullkid - I Have Confidence In You  New music from SWS fam ~ Skullkid ~ 🌊 🌊 🌊 "I Have Confidence In You" is a bass boosted, surf-tune summer beat layered with a smooth jazzy background synth paired with soft vocal chops/samples. Richard Oxyer, a.k.a. Skullkid, has been producing for 4 years using

Gold Geisha – Lucid

By |2019-12-16T17:14:57+00:00May 31st, 2019|Future Bass, Future Beats, House|

Travis Reisdorf (Gold Geisha) Ready for some hot off the press techno cyber punk? Travis Reisdorf, a.k.a Gold Geisha, hits this week's feature with a fresh track titled, "Lucid." This track quickly builds an anticipating drop that takes the listener on a journey through glitchy synths, industrial bass, crunchy waves, and rapid fire heat making

Villa Medema – Bubblebath

By |2019-05-25T19:17:34+00:00May 21st, 2019|Future Bass, Future Beats, Genre|

Up and coming Denver producer, Villa Medema, premiered his first release with Future Vibes' titled, "Bubble Bath." Fun and upbeat, this track quickly sets things off with a funky, jam-band inspired vibe composed of bouncy bass lines and lovely piano melodies. Soft vocals tie this piece together to help create a more playful and complex

Capshun – Osmosis w/ Her Mind

By |2019-05-25T19:08:00+00:00April 26th, 2019|Future Bass, Future Beats, Genre|

  Up and coming producers from Dallas Texas, Capshun (Adrian Reed) and Her Mind, hit the spotlight for this week's Phuture Collective drop with their fresh track, "Osmosis w/ HER MIND." As part of Phuture's compilation series, "Osmosis" is a release from Issue Fourteen titled "Arrival." Combining Capshun's unique sound design, natural wavy vibes and

Lavier – Oof

By |2019-05-25T19:13:25+00:00April 15th, 2019|Future Bass, Future Beats, Genre|

  Future Jazz/hip-hop influenced musician Dylan Evans, also known as Lavier, is part of North Carolina's underground electronic music scene. Dylan's track, "Oof" pushes against the competitive standard of hard music and embraces a more personal and emotional appeal with the use of "lush chords, pretty melodies, and an overall minimalist approach."as Lavier described in

Afrosamuraiist – I Guess

By |2019-01-06T21:59:50+00:00January 6th, 2019|Future Bass, Genre|

Lunchbox Records has blessed listeners with this yummy future bass smash from London native, Andreas Whyte, better known as, Afrosamuraiist. Whyte hit the mark with this funky, bass heavy tune. He steps outside of the box and samples a variety of music styles, ranging from future bass/trap to eclectic, Caribbean vibes. Whyte gives fans a fun,

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