This is capshun‘s most breathtaking work yet, hands down, brought to us by the good folks at Slow Roast Records

   capshun‘s become something of an underground electronica hero, from a non-stop streak of S-Tier singles, to game-changing features and collaborative bangers (including the previously covered track, #tattoos with ero808 and COLSONXL) of all styles, he’s been pioneering a unique sound palette that stretches beyond the genre-confines of most electronic producers. As the founder of Bonsai Collective and DENALI, he’s played an important role in unearthing the efforts of subterranean artistry, lifting up and promoting creative visionaries to reach their fullest potential, while proving himself as a musical force to be reckoned with.

About capshun:
Dallas-based artist capshun is ascending from the underground and taking over the industry. More than just a producer and DJ, capshun crafts sonic worlds that fuse exotic soundscapes, lush textures, hard-hitting drums and evocative elements. Defying genre confines, his sound mixes elements of trap, future bass, hip-hop, world music and future beats. His impeccable work has already gained support from big-name artists like What So Not, Boombox Cartel, The Chainsmokers, Alexander Lewis, San Holo, UZ, and releases on Sable Valley, Quality Goods Records, Gravitas, and more. capshun is also one of the creators and curators of Bonsai, an artist collective which is quickly becoming one of the premier groups for experimental electronic music.

   Push Me Away is another perfect example of capshun switching things up, and displaying production mastery in a blur of experimental bass and DnB. This track shows his ability to hook a listener, with fluttering, panning synth pads, to a vigorous building synth lead, to soaring pan flutes over an incredibly spacious expanse. The lifts and rapid descents are massive, between the breathless ascent and whispering vocal chops, to the mad plunge into the abyssal bass, it’s the most impressive grasp on the craft I’ve heard from capshun yet. Be sure to check it out over with the folks at Slow Roast Recordings, and click the links below to follow everything and anything capshun!

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