Up and coming producers from Dallas Texas, Capshun (Adrian Reed) and Her Mind, hit the spotlight for this week’s Phuture Collective drop with their fresh track, “Osmosis w/ HER MIND.” As part of Phuture’s compilation series, “Osmosis” is a release from Issue Fourteen titled “Arrival.”

Combining Capshun’s unique sound design, natural wavy vibes and melodic synths with Her Mind’s electronic dance feel and high energy vibes; this track simultaneously captures the two producers natural talents.

When asked about his thoughts on this track Capshun replied,

So honestly when I wrote the track with Her Mind it was mostly just for fun. The song stemmed from just having fun. It was the first time I collabed with people in person on a track so it ended being good vibes the whole time. We watched anime and hung out. It was like a 5 month process so I feel like I made good friends with the guys”

Capshun is also curator of Bonsai Collective, a music label established in 2018. Support Bonsai Collective!

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